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With thousands of residential installations, we offer unmatched experience within this industry. We’ve been designing, installing as well as maintaining award winning and sustainable solutions for the homeowners since years. 
Whether you are looking to install solar PV, electric vehicle charge-point, heat pump, solar thermal or battery storage system – we possess the technical expertise and knowledge to design a customized solution competent of decreasing your carbon footprint along with increasing your own bank balance.  
Generate Green And Free Electricity From Sun 
If you ever invest into a solar panels system for your house, you can not just produce free electricity but get paid for doing it. Any surplus electricity also can be sold to National Grid creating your third financial advantage. 
Combine these 3 financial benefits and typical rate of returns on your investment tends to be 8% to 11% tax free, guaranteed for almost 20 years and index linked. The costs of installing solar PV has fallen quickly in the recent years and much more homeowners are now discovering its great financial advantages. 
The savings you produce can be increased easily by pairing your own solar system with battery storage system. It’ll store the electricity that you produce but don't utilize, so that you may use it later rather than buying energy from grid.   
Benefits of solar at glance: 
 Generate clean, free electricity. 
Earn tax-free index connected income for nearly 20 years via FIT.
Protect yourself against increasing energy rates.
Reduce your own carbon footprint.
Decrease your reliance on National Grid.
Add worth and make the property more impressive to future buyers.
Minimum maintenance needed.
Our approach 
We never hard sell. We provide industry leading advices and assist our clients to decide on best suitable technologies for their requirements. Whether your drive is environmental, financial, or both, we easily can design a customized system which delivers results. We can guide you through installation procedure and offer assistance in regards to applications, commissioning energy performance certificate and even help with planning applications.

 high-quality solar installation services

Our professional and highly trained personnel will do their best to ensure that you are completely satisfied.


Our reputation 
We greatly pride ourselves on creating solid relationships and are pleased to go the additional mile. Most of our previous clients are even pleased to speak with people considering switching to renewable.  
Our technologies We make use of the latest technologies and techniques always to install solar panels. We are there to assist you with all your solar needs in a very efficient way. Free And No Obligation Quotes If you’re interested in solar panels or any other technology for your house and the advantages it could offer you, simply call us today itself.  
Why choose our company for getting solar panels installed? 
Free and no obligation surveys 
Unparalleled expertise & experience 
Consultancy based on non-hard sales  
Award winning installation 
First rate delivery, after support and care 
Industry accredited (Solar Trade Association, MCS, & much more) 
Highly recommended always by our clients 
Specialise across all solar sectors  
So, if you are looking to get a solar system installed, give us a call immediately and you will find us there to help you out.