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Don Martin

After doing a lot of research, and even meeting many vendors, we felt comfortable working with this company. The reasons were: they were operating for numerous years with a solid reputation, they are elite installers -- we wanted high quality and very efficient panels, the price was highly competitive, and we felt very comfortable with their professionalism, reliability and follow-through from their team. 

Hillary Clienton

This summer, these guys did a solar installation on our property.  It was an extremely difficult and complicated job, because the solar panels were put on down slope of hill behind our home. The job was completed in a very impressive and timely manner. I would give this company my highest recommendation possible.

Dave D.

We just got solar panels installed at our home and we are just loving it! I got bids by 7 different solar installation services company and we ended going with this company for a range of reasons.  We think that we got greatest blend of reliability, value, affordability, & great customer services with this company.  These guys did a great work and we are very happy with the job done. 

Siri Taylor

Let me state this review is honest representation of interaction I’d with this company and that I’m not getting any kind of monetary compensation. This is a company that you can rely on and they will guarantee to take complete care of their client. 

Ammy Hills

This company was one among three contractors whom I interviewed after taking the choice to install solar system. They got the work from me not only because their bid offered was the lowest, but because the bid was most detailed.  No regrets; they did an excellent job on installation, which included complication of coordinating project with new roof I chose was also needed.

Mike Venice

 I absolutely LOVE getting solar panels installed.   During this summer, it was awesome to run our A/C without thinking about it - particularly with our baby in the home.  So, I highly recommend this company for the great work done by them.

Lara Tommy

This company was a pleasure to deal with. They are clean-cut, intelligent, well-educated and really can explain the monetary ROI benefits to go solar. Their installation job was very non-disruptive and clean. Highly, highly recommend to hire this company if you wish to get solar panels installed.

Scott Patrick

This company is one of the companies with excellent reviews online.  And I can easily attest that their stellar reviews are very well deserved. They came as someone who were both friendly and knowledgeable.  They walked me through different product and economical options and answered all my questions thoroughly.  I’d have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Many Amber

 After significant research on solar panels systems, installers and prices, finally I decided to hire this company to install our new solar system. I’m not in a habit of writing many reviews but these techs did a great work and were very price-competitive too, so I feel that I should let other preople know about our great experience.  

Merry Jackson

 Fantastic solar panels installed at a fair cost. The quality of their work was outstanding and the crew treated our house as if it was their own. We're thankful this company was an option.